When you hold me in your arms

When you hold me in your arms - 23x30 cm - SOLD


Apparently, a 20 or more seconds hug is beneficial to alleviate stress and anxiety. I was never a big fan of hugs, I actually find them weird and awkward. There is a part of me that longs for touch and another one that feels very uncomfortable with it. But in the past two years I’ve learned the benefits of it and how important it is. 

I was visiting my mom and I woke up feeling very stressed and anxious about everything. So she came up to me and told me about this 20 seconds hug research and we tried and worked. 

Now that I live with my partner, when we’re feeling anxious or stressed we hug each other and for a moment, everything falls into place. This piece is about those hugs and that soothing effect that I feel. It's about feeling an intense sense of belonging and intimate connection. Holding each other, bringing our bodies back to the present moment, closing our eyes for a second and just staying still. Not being afraid of what the future holds and what’s happened in the past, feeling just the present moment. 

The reason I added this painting to the collection is that human connection and interaction which stems from a place of love has always been fundamental for growth and wellbeing. This sense of belonging is transient and not reliable as people and feelings change, but that moment, always remains.


When you hold me in your arms

we give each other strength 

we won’t fall apart 

All those places I’ve been to 

I always want to come back to your arms

Chasing trains and planes 

always taking me back to you

The darkest nights

the past breaking down the door

You hold me close and I can rest my eyes

I am safe now

There is beauty in fragility 

there is strength in vulnerability 

At the bus stop

In a tent in South America

In a hospital in London

Next to our bed 

A never ending storm 

And maybe this will fade away

Your arms will be shadows

Feelings always change

Life is transient 

But for now

I am thankful for this moment

And your arms, always taking me back HERE

each time I start flying away 

You take me back to us 

Back to me

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