SoHo - 23x30cm - Mixed Medium - To purchase contact me or check my online store


To create and feel a sense of belonging, many people rely on communities by sharing similar struggles and history. Because of this, often, being part of a community improves stress, anxiety and loneliness.  When I first arrived in London, I didn’t know many people and couldn’t really find my place. Back at home in Italy, I always felt a deep sense of belonging to the LGBT+ community but the only times I could actually feel part of it was at concerts.  When I first went to SOHO I looked around and thought “this is my place”. I felt free. This painting recalls SOHO, the shimmering lights, the feeling I had when I was finally able to express myself fully without any shame or guilt. The freedom, music, love all around me. 




The first time I danced with you in SOHO

 I knew I’d burst into flames 

Living the paranoid dream

 careless drunken uncommitted desires

the dance floor is a bittersweet memory

I want everyone to want me

 I want everyone to get the f*ck away from me

 I fell in love with another stranger at G.A.Y

blacking out in Leicester Square. 

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