Psychedelic Sunset 

I was inspired by pictures and memories of the sunset in Barranquilla, Colombia, a peaceful and beautiful moment. The concept is about appreciating nature and feeling connected to the soul of the world. I was sitting by the beach with my partner, it was the first time ever that someone was visiting me in Colombia. We were just talking when all of a sudden, the sky exploded with warm colours. Everyone around us was as amazed as us. While observing the sunset I felt part of the world, connected to Nature, I felt my higher power holding me. During dark days, I go back to this moment and my whole body relaxes and I am reminded of the beauty that's out there. The intensity of that feeling is everlasting and I felt the need portray it on canvas and share it with everyone who likes my art. I hope this piece will bring some warmth into your life too. 

This painting is double coated with epoxy resin  stretched canvas, 40x40cm. Iridescent colours change according to the amount of light they are exposed and angle they are looked from, making this painting a unique experience each time is looked at.  I applied multiple layers of colour on top of each other and then manipulated the colour with relaxed hand movements. 

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