Psychedelic Pressure

This painting is about all the unnecessary pressure that we put on ourselves and finding a way to let it go. I chose colours based on memories and emotions. I was inspired by the Italian sea and the golden hoop earrings that most children wear in Colombia, the orange and yellow sunsets from my window in London. 

I did this piece during the COVID-19 lockdown. When the lockdown started, I had the urge to stay as active as possible. I then realised that I was not productive because I was putting a lot of pressure on myself. Therefore, I decided to paint a piece which could create a sense of peace and let go of all the pressure that I've felt. As I was painting, I reflected on the importance of pausing, taking a moment. Being alone with my thoughts sometimes can be overwhelming but it brings awareness.

Which I certainly need if I want to grow. 

I used high iridescent acrylics finished with epoxy resin on stretched canvas. Iridescent acrylics change according to the light that they are exposed to and angle, creating a different experience is looked at. 

10% of sale goes to Women's Trust ; a specialist mental health charity, providing free counselling and therapy for women who have experienced domestic abuse

If interested in purchasing visit my online store or contact me 

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