• Alessia Camoirano Bruges

I dream about you often - poetry

“I dream about you often

I play hide and seek with your presence

I always find you


with a ring on the index finger on the left hand

In the end you didn't go to Paris and


stopped wondering how you are

We have never told each other everything, but you always come back in dreams

I am still 18 and you are 21 with your long hair and I have consumed all our memories by dreaming, writing and painting parts of me that will never reach you

I asked you the difference between obsession, love and pathology

you got angry and

I stopped pushing the tides and swimming inside the memories

My heart is a construction site

in continuous maintenance

but safe away from us

Evening falls and your perfume returns to my dreams

Consuming every space

I stopped looking around every corner

your shadow

Why are you still here?

I love myself more now

and despite making me feel alive

I chose me"

Alessia Camoirano Bruges

All I wanted
I dream about you often

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