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Home and identity. A fluid abstract representation.

Updated: May 19

The Valley 

When you think of your home, what place comes to your mind? This painting and lyrics represent, in an abstract and fluid way, the concept of home as a safe place and how the need to have a safe place can influence one's identity and growth. But not everyone's home is a safe place, for many home is a place of pain, suffering and fear. As a result, many seek shelter within themselves, creating a safe place. Meditating has helped me to have a safe place and find shelter within myself. But when I was younger, I wasn't aware of it. As a result, I found shelter in painting and writing. I spent my childhood in many cities, constantly changing houses, I was lucky because I met so many people, but the situation at home was not the best. So, I created a place, which I called the Valley and years later, I decided to paint it.

Why the valley? The valley is a safe place between the mountains and hills, a place that hosts animals, houses and civilizations. A safe place in adversity. But often, there are landslides, the river overflows, the avalanche arrives. Destroying everything. A house that was previously a safe place suddenly becomes a place of pain. The sense of belonging to something is destroyed, stability becomes a utopia, the sense of security no longer exists. All this can influence the person to develop various kinds of insecurities, an unstable sense of belonging and anxiety. So I decided to represent my home, the valley. I carry my home inside of me.

To make this painting I looked for photos of some houses where I lived, I didn't find them all, so I concentrated on remembering the colors and scents. To prepare myself emotionally, I tried to mentally return to those moments. The truth is that sometimes, certain memories, hurt. But painting for me is a way of channeling the pain and getting out of it. So I spoke to little Alessia, how did she feel? And she replied.

I thought about my mom's tenderness and inner beauty, all the houses in which we lived and then, I thought about the pain there was. And while I let the colors flow, the pain vanished leaving room for the gratitude of being still alive, still here. I have found a safe place; myself.

The gold you see in the painting exactly represents gratitude. The waves that I formed in the painting instead represent the river; ready to release the power of the water in the valley. With the spatula, I changed the color's shape so that there was more movement in one part of the painting.

The painting has a very thick, almost three-dimensional surface to the touch. This painting joins the INTENSE EMOTIONAL REACTIONS series, which explore memories and emotions in relation to trauma and healing. As with every painting, I wrote lyrics, for this painting I wrote two series.

The Valley is the place where I rest, the place where I say goodbye to hurt and trauma, the place where I connect with something bigger than myself. The Valley has blood, the valley has rivers, the valley rapresents those who died before me, those who fought and those who gave up. Those who left their country to find peace and died at sea. Those who are beated up by life, tho who can't walk alone at night. Those who start wars and those who beg for it to stop. Those who are alone at night and those who fill their void with habits

The valley where I used to lay my head at night

endless possibilities cross my mind

when you say


What are your thoughts? Let me know

Art for a cause:

Growing up, I saw those whom I loved the most suffering because of domestic abuse. When I was a child; I felt helpless and I swore that one day, I would be helping women, in any possible way. 

That is why I am personally donating 10% of sales to Woman's Trust and bring awareness to the cause. You can find my paintings at www.alessiacamoirano.com

If you feel you want to support the cause but you are not able to purchase the painting, donate any sum you can afford and you will receive a high quality picture of the painting you prefer via email. 

Woman's Trust supports women affected by domestic abuse by providing counselling and support groups. Domestic abuse affects 1 in 4 women in the UK, it is the biggest single cause of female depression and mental health problems. Help us make a difference and change women's lives.

Low self-esteem and the erosion of self-worth are two mental health side effects of domestic abuse. Whether your relationship is physically violent or emotionally and psychologically abusive, the effect is often the same. Women who don't receive the proper mental health care they need often turn to drugs, alcohol, and self-harm to try and manage their anxiety or feelings of low self-worth. And it's these very issues that Woman's Trust was set up to address. To help women to process and recover from the psychological trauma caused by domestic abuse. - Woman's Trust

To donate, follow the link, to purchase the artwork drop me an email!


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