This painting is currently exhibited at Gallery du 808 in Bristol. 



My Intensity



I'm too intense if I look inside of you

But I do not have to fit

I do not have to follow a path

You can discredit me 

but the shimmering intensity of

my womanhood will not back down to please you.

I am fluid.



This painting is part of my Donna Collection and is a pop psychedelic and abstract representation of the Greek goddess Nemesis, the goddess of retribution and revenge. Colours expressing emotions, shapes exploring all the deepest corners of my mind. 

I made this painting with acrylics, pouring medium, sand medium, glass medium and it's varnished with gloss varnish.


When looking at it and touching it, it's pretty clear how I have applied sand and glass.


I love looking at this painting and get lost in all the shapes that colours create. Through my paintings I can really see and understand what is going on in my head. I can relieve an exact moment and I can understand what was going on for me back then.

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