My Body/Their hands/Their eyes

My Body/Their Hands/ Their eyes is about objectification and body image. Many times we are told how to look like, what to wear, what to say. We are told we are too skinny, we are told we are too fat. We are told that we are wrong, no matter what.Growing up; I realised that the concept of "too" did not exist. As long as I was ok with myself, the rest did not matter. Yet, my thoughts split in two opposite directions. On one had I craved approval, I craved people's gaze and I just wanted to be wanted. On the other hand, the hate towards objectification and the need to look however I want to without judgement. But at the end of the day, this is exactly what we see on social media; one person saying "every body is perfect the way it is" and another one saying "you have to look like this". So I decided to paint my emotional response to how I feel towards society's hands, eyes and objectification. 

To convey this feeling, I used iridescent colours which change shade according to the light they are exposed and the angle the painting is looked from. I felt these emotions so strongly inside of me and subconsciously my mind associated them with colours. I also used analogies and colour symbolism to convey a strong message. This painting was exhibited at the Cica Museum in South Korea and Neu Wave art exhibition in South Bermondsey, London.

Personal message from the artist:

 We live in a demanding society, a society that aims for the destruction of individuality and teaches us, since a young age, that our bodies should be objectified and criticised. I felt as if my body had always to look in a certain way, but it was never enough. I would walk feeling ashamed of how I looked like, trying to change constantly in order to please those around me. I felt their hands and their eyes all over me, whispering me to lose weight, gain weight, wear more make up, wear less make up. My hair should be straight, not so straight. I dress too much, I should wear more clothes. As a young woman, I lived with constant pressure from myself first and then those around me. Felling distressed, uncomfortable and distant from those around me, I had to understand that I am more than my body, I am more than my past, I am more than what my eating disorder did to me. I've set myself free, especially through the arts. I poured down my emotions in this painting, completely. Let go, always let go. This is just one of the paintings that explore my body and my womanhood.

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