It’s all those times I did not want to wake up

All those times I said I have had enough

All those times that despite the dread

I decided to not give up

I want to represent what is inside of me

A generational burden infused anxiety and

2 am drinking masque with “we are just having fun”


I chose fluid because no other representation

Of what this generation is going through

Really represents me 

It is my simple response to what I see in life

An automated response that my brain gives away

I am inspired by the chaos and revolutionary 

Facts that pin my head on the ground

Swallowing truths that I do not want

Pills of wisdom and wisdom infused

In my arm injected through reality

I have to take responsibility for

My own actions and I do it

With a reflection of colours

And stability

The only way to examine my future, past and present


I want to believe that I am 

More than a random rat selected 

For experiments on humanity

Tested and born to destruction


I am not special

I am not the golden child


I left behind expectations

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