London Nights

London Nights - Gesso board box, acrylics, pouring medium and lube -40x50x4cm


There are some cities in which people feel they belong more than others. There could be many factors into play such as the place you were born, your cultural background etc. When I was 8 I visited London and told my mother that one day I would move there. 12 years later, I moved there and have been here for 5 years. It was a journey of ups and downs, failures and victories, love and hate. A city that helped me understand myself better. Such a multicultural place full of opportunities and threats. But I always carry with me my roots, Colombia and Italy.


This piece celebrates London by night and all those intense experiences and emotions that the city has shown me at night.


London at night takes on a different face. When I couldn't sleep, I walked around London for hours and watched life go by continuously, the lights always on, cars, people. The street singers returning home, the last drunks outside the pub, the constant smell of rain,  lost tourists trying to get back to their hotels, intrepid foxes crossing the street, newly born couples over cocktails returning in tiny apartments, night workers, that sense of wanting to move forward and thrive. Despite the violence, very expensive apartments, dirt, London at night is immense, it never stops. And I hate London, I love London. I want to leave her, I want to stay. For this reason I decided to paint it, represent it in an abstract way, as if it were a concept to be understood, explored, looked at several times without really understanding its meaning. Because London is like this at night, fluid, always changing. And I feel I belong to this city.




Thank you for being my home. I hate you, I love you.

 I always go back to you. 

Nothing survives time

existing in a big city

where thriving means barely surviving 


loving you is like loving 

someone who won’t let me go 

but won’t do anything to let me stay 

I’m not tired of you

I’m tired of our ever changing moods 

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