I don't need your approval 

100x 80cm, Mixed media on box canvas. 

This piece is a statement of freedom; I chose colours based on intuition as well as colour symbolism. I used iridescent acrylics and matte acrylics to create contrast and analogies. The use of iridescent colours makes the painting a different experience each time is looked at. Despite working on this piece from a place of frustration, with the juxtaposition of each colour,  I wanted to express my freedom and strength. The most fascinating and important artists in history are those who did not need anyone's approval, they would fly above prejudice and continue their own way. We live in a world where being ourselves is derided. Being unique is not always appreciated and I do not stand by that. I love how we are all different with unique traits, different thoughts and ways of perceiving life. 

This piece celebrates our lives and souls independently from where we come from, who we love, what we do in life and our choices. As long as we are not hurting anyone, we do not need anyone's approval.    

Movement and rhythm  were sudden and open to recreate a sense of restlessness but also freedom. The texture of this painting is thick and highly detailed.

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As always for this collection; I wrote lyrics.

Lightness, a sweet memory

tired of apologizing

I protect myself from your stares

with a smile.

I will continue living my way




and that's okay.

Accepting who I am

I don't need your approval

to feel what I feel

I don't need your approval

to feel real

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