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-Palazzo Cerru' - 2019  SOLO  (Italy)

-Walton Fine Art Gallery 2019 (London)

-Disembody/Reconcile 2019 - SOLO (London)

-Gallery du 808 2019 (Bristol)

-Anima Mundi 2019 (Italy) 

-Rebirth (Italy) 

-Laura I. Gallery 2019 (London)

-Nou Wave - The Biscuit Factory 2019 (London)

-Power 2019 (South Korea)

-God Save The Queen 2019 (London)

-The Dragon Cafe 2019/2020 (London) 

-Gallery du 808 2019 (Bristol)

-Gallery du 808 2020 (Bristol) 

-Women 2020 (Online - Hansfords and Sons)

-Diafano Mag 2020 (Online)

-Premio Guglielmo II (Italy) 



-Clyde and Co (1) offices in London (September 2020 - September 2021 with possibility of extension) 

-Clyde and Co (2) offices in London (September 2020 - September 2021) 

-Ahora Film! Offices in Verona (July 2020 - July 2021 with possibility of extension)

Online platforms and galleries


-Jose art Gallery 


-N1 Gallery 

-Art Boost 

-Art Gallery UK

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