Everything is temporary

Everything is temporary is a 120x100x4cm box canvas which explores  attachment and impermanence. We are constantly evolving, transforming and so does the world. Everything that we know has to change in order to evolve, we can only move forward and we can only live in this exact moment. Both negative and positive emotions, situations, circumstances, places, won't last forever. That is why is important to live in the moment, staying present and grateful for what comes into our lives and always keep in mind that no matter how painful a situation or an emotion might be and feel; it will pass as it always has, as it always will. Thinking that everything is temporary helps understand to not get caught up so much in situations, people, emotions and feelings because all we have is now. 

For this artwork, I applied several layers of paint and created a grid with all the colours. I then lifted the canvas with my hands creating movements that my mind subconsciously associated with impermanence and attachment. Once the colour was evenly spread across the surface, I used a spatula and applied more colour. I finished this painting applying resin but not how it is usually done. This time I applied it with the spatula following the shapes in order to create a wet effect which recalls water elements such as a river and rain, a metaphor.

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