Chaos was the first thing to ever exist. Before creation there was the void,  emptiness, Chaos. 

Chaos is also the womb from where everything was born. Although there are different schools of thoughts that argue whether Chaos was female or  male, I see chaos as the start of everything, where we were born. 

This painting and lyrics represents the myth of Chaos and creation. I analysed other paintings which portrayed chaos and being passionate about Greek Mythology I used colours which relate to the myth. Movements where explosive. 




Day by day

I lose my sight

day by day

I wonder why

Standing on the edge

adrenaline is now my friend

I open my chest

I tear myself apart

once again

I can still rememer how my eyes closed at night.

The fear of being alive

a sharp knife on my neck.

Slowly fading in the dark

slowly crushing my agony

I desire a whole labirynth 

with you and me 

walking to the right

looking for a sign.

Because it's the moment before

I take off

as I write I love you so

As I pour a glass of wine

as I say goodbye.

I hold on

clunch my fist, bite

my tongue and just let go.

I can't say for how long

but I need to find

who I have lost

deep beneath your soul

you will find me striking another time

I feel my bones stronger

than before.

I kiss my old self goodbye

to that lonely child

I just wanted perfection

and I lost the direction.

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