Tune in with your inner self. Discover the power of colour and emotions. 

Alessia Camoirano Bruges encourages a conversation around identity and human emotions focusing on the human experience using colours as  main language.

   Alessia's art portrays human experiences in form of  intense powerful images and colours, psychedelic images, as well as  lyrics and texts. Alessia's pieces radiate different influences, mixing different vivid, vibrant, iridescent colours and techniques. She is constantly studying and researching the importance and intensity of colour and how it can be used to express oneself and the human experiences such as love, belonging, trauma and  healingwithout the use of realistic images. Feeling emotions very intensely; Alessia saw this as an opportunity to explore her creativity, connect with others and show that we are not alone, we are not hopeless. Inspired by Abstract Expressionism, Symbolism, Conceptual Art and Fluid Art; Alessia believes that art is not just to be seen; is to be felt. As humans we are constantly evolving, changing, transforming. She wants to capture the human experience with colours inspired by nature, the psychology of colour, colour symbolism and allegories. Alessia's works are divided by collections which are tied by themes and experiences. As always, behind each work there is a story ready to be explored and a thorough study of colours.















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