What is anxiety? How do you cope with it?


Anxiety is something that I live with since I can remember. It shifts from existential to perfectionism and it influences many aspects of my life. Throughout the years, I studied and read many books about anxiety in order to understand better myself and help others. I understood that I could not get rid of it, so I decided to be her friend and understand every part of it so that I am in control . These existential waves come and go. Anxiety, unfortunately, is extremely common and it affects 1 in 6 people in the UK and numbers are going up.  As of 2020, the world is currently going through something unprecedented, more and more people are suffering from anxiety, stress, depression as well as a worsening on their mental health more broadly. My point of view is the increased anxiety as well as healing. This piece is an emotional response and representation of anxiety, in an abstract key. 

I represented anxiety in form of waves, they come and go. I chose colours based on colours symbolism and colour psychology. The gold is always present as a reminder of hope, prosperity and beauty within. There is darkness, but there is always a way out of it. I also used iridescent acrylics encouraging the viewer to explore the many shades. 

I double coated the painting with epoxy resin; a luxurious  and sophisticated element. 

Lyrics are available on the LYRICS collection. 

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